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Capitan American Civil War available for download

Capitan Games have posted their American Civil War supplement for their Capitan Napoleonic rules. Capitan American Civil War From their announcement:
Hostilities began on April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces attacked a U.S. military installation at Fort Summer in South Carolina, co-inciding with the 150th anniversary of this date Capitan Games has published its American Civil War Supplement to his small action wargames rules Capitan. The American Civil war supplement for Capitan include a total of 192 new units (96 Confederate & 96 Unionist), and a supplement to the rules. We have selected this units in the huge amount of units that take part in the American Civil War; our intention has been to give to the player a selection of the units and troop types that take part in the conflict, so with them you can represent the exact unit of the unit data card or a similar unit in characteristics and profile. We are happy to hear from our players, so any feedback is welcome (, and Yes of course¡¡¡ any new units suggestions to release more units. Any suggestion on scenarios is really welcome, although there is many books of scenarios published from the war that can fit perfectly to the Capitan rules system, we are working in our scenarios.