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Can Battlefront Not Count to Five?

Battlefront had a little boo-boo with the packaging of their Panzer IV H boxes. They've noticed the problem and are working to fix it. Plus they've got the info for if you do have a messed-up box, so you can get the right pieces sent to you.


From the post:

As some of you have seen by now, our brand new plastic Panzer IV H has an unfortunate issue with the Schürzen. The side skirts have four main plates rather than the correct five. Every single one of us in the studio had the same reaction: once the fault was pointed out to us, our hearts collectively sank. How could so many tank nerds and rivet counters miss something so apparently obvious? The short answer is: we’re not entirely sure.

The long answer is: The Panzer IV H was one of our earliest CAD designs, as it was considered for Open Fire! Eventually, we settled on the StuG , and the Panzer IV H got put on the backburner. When we revisited the Panzer IV H, we upgraded it to include the Zimmerit, which became an unexpectedly demanding design task, perhaps distracting us from elements of the model that we’d assumed was already complete. How wrong we were!

Pattern recognition is a funny thing. The human brain has a fantastic capacity to see what it expects to see. Forty-odd Battlefront employees (not to mention tons of gamers!) looked at renders and rapid prototypes of the tank and not one rivet counter among us noticed.

We have been refining our process to ensure errors like this will not happen, and the Panzer IV H slipped through the cracks during that process refinement. Unfortunately, with the long lead times of plastic tooling and the fact that the production run has already been made, it’s too late to fix the error in the short term. We are considering all options right now, including looking at re-tooling the frame as soon as practical, but those outcomes will not be seen for some months.

Now, because we are still releasing the Panzer IV H (which is still, in our humble opinion, a fantastic model!) we want to make sure that our customers have the ability to have the correct number of schürzen panels. So, we are offering to send the old plastic schürzen sprues to anyone who asks for them to replace the ones on the sprue.

You may remember those old schürzen sprues as being particularly fiddly, but you needn’t worry. The new tank dramatically simplifies that process, and the only bits you’ll need from the old schürzen sprue are the plates themselves. We’ll also have an article detailing how to do this on the site, although it will be very easy and self-explanatory.

We know this isn’t ideal, but we still think the model is really damn cool, and we hope you will too!

E-Mail Customer Service to receive your 5-plate schürzen here: