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Campy Creatures Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Who doesn't love a good B Horror movie? Swamp monsters. Giant apes. Aliens and their bubble-dome helmets. Vampires. All of them out to find the next hapless victim. Most games have you fighting against such monsters. But Campy Creatures puts you in control of one and sends you out trying to get your own collection of humans. The game's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It's a ghoulish game of bluffing, deduction, and set collection for 2-5 players. Players begin each round with the same hand of creatures. Their goal is to capture valuable Mortals by outguessing their opponents. Each player has perfect information at the start so knowing what a person might do in a particular situation is key.

The Kickstarter is doing well. They're more than 2x funded with still 15 days left to go.