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Calliope Games previews their Titan Series Kickstarter campaign

Calliope Games is letting people check out their Titan Series Kickstarter campaign before it goes live. You can check out the descriptions of the first couple games for the series, plus a peek at the first stretch goals. Also, take a look at the extras. You can get a leather bomber jacket.
... You know, not nearly enough Kickstarter campaigns have an add-on of a leather bomber jacket. Other game companies should take note.
So be sure to look at their campaign and let them know if there's anything you'd like them to change about it.

From the campaign:

We’ll be releasing nine gateway games over the next three years. Once per year a package of three games you helped create will be delivered to your doorstep. Though each game is expected to retail for approximately $30, backers of this Kickstarter can get them for just $16 each. As an added benefit, you won’t have to wait for the games to arrive to enjoy them—you’ll be an integral part of the creation process: honing rules sets, choosing art and art styles, identifying themes, and voting on game titles and character names. As a backer, you’ll get the opportunity to help shape different parts of the series all along the way.

The Titans are already hard at work crafting these tabletop experiences. Our goal is to offer games that fall within different categories: a party game, a word game, a worker placement game, a light strategy game, a dice game, a game of luck, a card game, and more. We anticipate releasing the first set of games within 12 months of the Kickstarter funding. Current games include:

Zach & Jordan Weisman: In this worker placement game, players take turns bidding on items that form sets. Each bid increases the cost of an item, making desirable items more difficult to obtain. Instead of bidding, players may also choose to gain purchasing power by collecting the bids of other players. Balancing bids on needed items while collecting purchasing power is key to winning. The first player to complete a given number of sets wins!

Paul Peterson: This risk management game challenges players to get from one side of the board to the other, where locations of different point values await. Players move and manage dice along passage ways according to their rolls. Event cards can help or hinder players’ movement. The players navigate the board three times, managing and risking dice along the way and gaining victory points at the end of each round. The player with the most points at the end of three rounds wins!

Richard Garfield: This is a simple yet thought-provoking party game where players try to think as one when responding to queries. Players receive points for responding the same way as other players—regardless of whether the other players provide a correct response. The players with the fewest points are given strikes, and the first player to earn a given number of strikes loses the game.

Each of the games is intended for adults, but will be accessible by children as young as 8. The games will support 3-5 players (sometimes up to 8), play in 60 minutes or less, and be packaged in boxes similar to Tsuro (9"x9"x2") or Tsuro of the Seas (9.5"x9.5"x3").

Our plan is to release games by Eric Lang, Seth Johnson, and Mike Selinker in year two. Games by Mike Elliott, Rob Daviau, and Mike Mulvihill will follow in year three. Beyond that, we’ll see where our stretch goals take us!