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Calliope Games Announces New Edition of 12 Days

Well, Halloween is over. Time for Christmas.
Well, ok, so there's Thanksgiving in there (personally my favorite holiday, but sadly often overlooked), but my Kroger has had the first few Christmas items up for a couple weeks for now. Well, if we're gonna get into the swing of things, we might as well start brushing up on our Christmas trivia. Do you know all 12 days in the 12 Days of Christmas? It's ok if you don't (I can't think of them all off the top of my head, but then again, I've got Led Zeppelin playing right now and it's a bit of a distraction... not that I mind). Calliope Games, though, is here to help.

They're coming out with a new version of 12 Days, the trick-taking Christmas game from James Ernest and Mike Selinker. This new version (the original is by Gamesmith) will have an updated look and components. That includes a linen-finished box and cards. The game will be available shortly after Thanksgiving.