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Call of the Wild Is Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has released their Call of the Wild expansion to Mansions of Madness.
You'll go crazy for it!

From the release:

Call of the Wild, the newest expansion for Mansions of Madness, is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore! Venture outdoors with five new scenarios and eleven double-sided board tiles featuring the untamed wilderness surrounding Arkham. Lovecraft often preyed on man’s fear of the unknown, and Call of the Wild plunges investigators into the heart of an uncharted wilderness, shaking the foundations of Mansions of Madness by taking the game outdoors and introducing a host of new gameplay mechanics. A more secretive keeper must solve puzzles and seek out clues, a focus on outdoor maps encourages non-linear exploration, and Allies assist in combat and driving the macabre narrative.