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Call of Catthulhu RPG up now on Kickstarter

Call of Catthulhu is a new RPG up on Kickstarter.
... And there we have it.


From the campaign:

CALL OF CATTHULHU is the rules-light roleplaying game where all the characters are ordinary cats, opposing the Chaos Cults of the other Animal Gods. Introduced at GENCON 2013, the game quickly sold out and became a sensation, with people demanding reprints and firing enthusiasm online and at conventions from DC to Germany. The response has been not just gratifying but dazzling.

I'm Joel Sparks, author of the game and a long time writer and game designer. It's been a privilege to encounter such a swell of support for what started out as a funny little idea. There's so much more to tell in the Catthulhu story, and so much fun to be had! Together with my team of artists and editors, we want to take Catthulhu to the next level for all the hungry fans. But we can't do it alone.