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Cakebread & Walton to make Michael Scott Rohan's Winter of the World RPG

Michael Scott Rohan is an award-winning British author of the Winter of the World novels. Cakebread & Walton has announced that they will be making a tabletop RPG game based on those novels. So now lovers of the books (as well as any gamer who wants to play in a very fleshed-out setting with hundreds of pages written about it) can add their heroes to those already established in the book series.

The first two books to be released for the new RPG will be Adventures in Brasayhal and Adventures in Kerys. Each one will be 256 pages, printed in full color, and contain everything you need to get going right away in your adventures, being stand-alone books from one-another. The difference will be the focus on geographical location. So whether you want to play in the western continent in Brasayhal, or in the city of Kerys, either book will be all you'll need to get going.