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Cairn RPG now available in digital format from SoulJar Games

SoulJar Games has released the digital version of their Cairn RPG book up online for your downloading and gaming pleasure.

Book of Cairn


From the release:

SoulJAR Games is proud to announce the release of the digital version of the Cairn RPG. This tabletop roleplaying game is available in .pdf format from DriveThru RPG. The RPG was written by Ross A. Isaacs, Paul Caughill, James Silverstein, and Mike Nystul, and includes the fantastic art of Jeff Laubenstein and Alyssa Faden. The price is $9.99.

“I’ve been working on this for a long time. I’m glad it’s finally out and in the hands of fans. I’m looking forward to hearing what people do with it.” Ross A. Isaacs said.

The Cairn RPG is a fantasy RPG set in a world where anthropomorphic animals rule the world. Mice, squirrels, weasels and many others attempt to live in peace and harmony with each other, surrounded by the ruins of a fallen human civilization. With 20 species and professions available, you can play 400 different combinations, such as frog acrobats, rat warriors, and hedgehog wizards.

Utilizing a simple die mechanic, the Cairn RPG harkens back to an old school approach where you roll dice only when the action is critical. Need to bake a pie? You don’t roll. Need to jump a crevasse while being chased by weasels? Make a roll. With central mechanics such as Harmony and Adventure paths, your Heroes must remain mindful of their actions while they struggle to preserve the town of Cairn, lest they become Dire and fall into darkness.

The print on demand edition of the game will be available in the coming weeks.