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Cacti basing kit and Running Legionaries Legs released from Kromlech

Kromlech has two new releases available for us today. First is a cacti basing kit for those that want a little Southwest feel to their models. The other is a set of running Legionaries legs. Obviously they're running to get to the cacti because they're thirsty.

From the release:

Two more releases for you today!

As promised this week, we've got another crazy basing kit up. This time it is a set of 11 Cacti with two spare sombreros.
They were designed by Smok.
Painted by Edwin Smolinski.

The second release is something we were requested a lot to do. So here you have it.
A set of 6 Legionaries Running Legs.
Designed by Filin.
Painted by Artur.