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By Savvy and Steel now available from Two Hour Wargames

Two Hour Wargames takes you back to a more civilized time in their latest game, By Savvy and Steel, which is available now.


From the release:

By Savvy and Steel takes the player back to 17th Century Europe. Everyone's heard of the Three Musketeers and the Cardinal's Guard, and yes, By Savvy and Steel will work for that, but we've taken it a bit farther. How far? Glad you asked!

Instead of tying you into Paris of the Musketeers, we let you travel the countryside in a generic country called Edenstein. It's based on the Europe of the 17th Century, and it could be France or England if you want, but it doesn't have to be. You have the choice, it's your story!

Inside, you'll find:

A complete area to adventure in.
Multiple scenarios.
A variety of Classes for you to play.
A fun and interactive Dueling system (well, it is in the Musketeers time period!).
A light bookkeeping campaign to track your character's progress and link your adventures together.
You've received a message from the King. He requires your services, but there's still time for a mug of ale if you hurry. As you enter the Drunken Stallion, a foot is extended and causes you to trip into another man. With a curse, he turns on you and tries to slap your face. You grab his hand, and he pulls away. You see him grab the hilt of his sword.

"You, sir, are an oafish pig, and I demand an apology or satisfaction!" he shouts. The tavern is suddenly quiet. Which will it be? Do you risk looking foolish in front of all, or do you accept his challenge. And who was it that tripped you?
Welcome to …

By Savvy and Steel!

PDF: $17.00 USD
Print: $20.00 USD plus postage. Includes instant download PDF