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By Fire and Sword new releases Now Available

As I've mentioned previously, I love to see when a Kickstarter campaign not only funds, and not only ships, but also becomes available for general purchase. For me, it's that final step that really shows that a Kickstarter was successful. Sure, a campaign can fund, and then it can ship, but if it's able to create a permanent product for the company that produced it, that's really where the "success" of the campaign becomes total. By Fire and Sword has some new releases available, and those figures had been part of their previous Kickstarter campaign.

The new figures are the new Kurtany Cavalry, Hungarian Seimeni, Transylvanian Commanders, Imperial Cuirassiers, Tatar/Cossack Officer Tents, and a set of roads.

These figures can be picked up over in the By Fire and Sword webshop.