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By Dagger or Talon supplement for Tomorrow's War now available to pre-order from Ambush Alley Games

Ambush Alley Games now has their By Dagger or Talon sci-fi minis rules for the Tomorrow's War system available to pre-order over in their webshop. Go get your name on that list.

From the announcement:

By Dagger or Talon, the long awaited Companion Book to Tomorrow's War available now in PDF! Pre-Orders for the print version of the book are also being accepted. Customers who pre-order the print version from Ambush Alley Games receive a free copy of the PDF with their order.

Weighing in at over 100 pages, By Dagger or Talon is full to bursting with new rules, new Attributes, new scenarios, and new historical information for the Tomorrowverse.

The book focuses on alien races and "Enhanced Special Operations Forces" (SpecOps units that make heavy use of everything from cybernetics to nanite enhancements), and contains detailed guidelines and specialized Attributes to assist you in developing your own alien and ESOF forces for Tomorrow's War.

By Dagger or Talon includes:

*Detailed rules for the new Darghaur figure range from Ground Zero Games
*Expanded alien design guidelines
*ESOF design guidelines
*Dozens of new Attributes for Alien and Enhanced Special Operators
*Expanded Powered Armor rules
*Historical information for the Tomorrowverse, including scenarios
*Force lists for the Darghaur Incursion
*Loads of inspirational miniature photos and fantastic artwork by Tom Symonds

By Dagger or Talon Print Version (w/free PDF version): $30usd

By Dagger or Talon PDF Version: $20usd