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Buy the Rights Movie-Making Card Game On Kickstarter Now

Everyone wants to be in the movie industry, at least a little bit. Whether it's as a leading man/woman, or in special effects, or model making, or as a camera operator. Well, Buy the Rights lets you be the person that comes up with the idea for this year's blockbuster movies. All you've got to do is convince the Producer that they should fund your movie. There's only so much money to go around, so you've gotta make sure your movie pitch is the best.

The game is much like other party card games where you have a deck of cards you draw from, then must play your best movie idea from those cards and try and sell it to the Producer, who plays judge for the round. There are four decks of cards: Genre, Hero Descriptor, Hero, and Plot. Players have 3 of each type of card in their hand and using them will come up with their movie idea. It's best when players fill in the holes of those cards with extra information, such as movie title and so forth. The one the Producer likes the most will get the money. Then simply swap who the Producer is and go again.

The campaign is up and running now, with 20 days still left to go on the clock.