Buy a KaiserThree and receive a free case

KR Multicase is offering a free case with the purchase of their new KaiserThree figure case.


From their announcement:

We have expanded the Kaiser range to include what has often been called “the missing case”! It is the KaiserThree, which holds 3 of the card KR Multicases. It can hold up to 600 28mm figures or combinations of vehicles, monsters and figures, and compliments the existing range of the KaiserOne, KaiserTwo and KaiserFour.

The KaiserThree costs only £92.99 which includes 3 card KR Multicases plus any trays from the core range, and includes UK postage. The KaiserThree with any custom cut trays costs £114.99 and also includes UK postage.

To launch the new KaiserThree we are giving away an additional standard size card KR Multicase free with every purchase of a KaiserThree during October. You can chose from any of our trays including our core and custom cut trays in your free case – that means that you get an additional case worth £28.99 if you decide to choose from our extensive custom tray range absolutely free !

These prices are UK only, and as with all our prices they include postage and next day dispatch.

The KaiserThree will be available shortly on the EU and international website shops, but due to shipping costs the offer will not be available overseas.

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