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Bushido's Tengu Descension Pre-Order Now On From GCT Studios

Birds (or for my friends from New York, "Boids"). They're what dinosaurs turned into (think of that next time you're eating a McNugget). So, as such, they can be pretty badass. Well, some of the most badass birds around are those of the Tengu Descension for Bushido from GCT Studios. They're the newest faction and you can get your orders in for these figures now from the GCT webshop.


And it's not just a starter set and maybe one or two extra figures that are available to order. Oh no. There's 10 figures you can get for the faction. They also have their own Special Card Pack (think "Wargear" but for Bushido figures). This is a fully fleshed-out faction and not some forlorn fledgeling (yes, I'm proud of that sentence). The Tengu officially take flight on the 7th of August.