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Bushido's IndieGoGo campaign breaks $15k and new stretch goal for $20k

Bushido has been doing great over on IndieGoGo. They've filled up the stretch goals so far, so that means, new ones! Also, some art for enticement purposes.

They also have a new funding level: $15, which will give you either a new Ito model when it comes out, or a set of 6 Ito Faction dice! Who doesn't love dice?

From the announcement:

Ok we hit $15,000 and everyone backing for the Ito starter set ($50) will now receive the Itsunagi model FREE!

Next up is $20,000 and a FREE 'Satoshi' model OR Ito faction dice for anyone donating a total of $100 or more.
Also if we hit $20,000 we will release Ayako Ito at launch of the Ito.