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Bushido Wave 34 Pre-Orders Now Available

Several companies allow winners of their big tournament for the year work with the developers in order to come up with a miniature for the game. GCT Studios is one such company, and Hakzabo is one such miniature. He was created with the help of James Hasker, the current Grand Master for Bushido. Hakzabo, and the other Wave 34 minis, are available to pre-order now.

From the post:

The outcast, an iconoclast once shunned by the Tengu, his wings clipped by the elders for crimes unclear. The Kuren Tengu are one of the rarest and the black Kuren even rarer. However the Black Kuren is a portent to a great disaster. Cast out and thought dead, but Hakzabo survived, raised by a hermit hunter. He has become an agile and skilled hunter warrior, deftly dodging and leaping across the battlefield.

This model was designed in conjunction with James Hasker, the reigning Grand Master. He won the opportunity by taking first place in GCT Studios' Grand Masters tournament, we will be once again offering this fantastic prize to 2017's winner. Tickets are selling fast for this year's tournament and more info can be found below.

Pre-orders are being taken now with the official release date being April 7th.