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Bushido Wave 33 Available To Pre-order

I know how gamers are. They want the latest and the greatest and they want it now, now, now! If they can't be the first to get the new batch of toy soldiers, they can get rather agitated. Well, some of them, anyway. Well, whether you absolutely must have the greatest right away or not, if you're a Bushido player, you can go ahead and get your pre-orders in for Wave 33 figures.

From the announcement:

Wave 33 are available to pre-order from our webstore now. We'll be adding the profiles and begin previewing the next Wave shortly.

The Pioneers Program manufacturing is complete and it's on the boat! We are very hopeful of fulfilling this on time and pre-orders will be available during this time, these will then be shipped once the Kickstarter items have been fulfilled.