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Bushido announces 5th faction: The Ito

Bushido, made by GCT Studios, currently has 4 faction... but soon they will have 5. How soon? That's where you come in. With your help over on Indiegogo, you can make it happen a lot sooner if they get their funding. Go and help out!
Here's some art to entice you:

From the update:

GCT Studios launched Bushido last year and we have had an excellent time sharing our world with you. Bushido is a table-top, 32mm miniatures, Oriental Fantasy, skirmish game, where fast and brutal gameplay combine with real strategic depth.

We launched with four factions and grand plans to release more and really fill out the Jwar Isles. Now we have concepted the next faction and our excitement levels have risen to the point that we want to share it with you NOW... And that's where you come in, we need your support to get this off the concept table and released sooner.

With your help the Ito will come to life and leave their island. You can cause the Prefecture of Ryu yet another setback as their uneasy alliance with the Ito comes crashing to an end, the upper echelons of the Takashi clan's fears of an attack from across the Silver Strait finally realised.

You can help us to allow the Ito to finally shed their veil of deceipt and reveal their true nature to world.