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Burning Games Posts 2017 Plans

The new year is just underway. We're slightly more than a week in. Of course, like anything, it's good to know what's ahead and have some direction. Well, the fine folks over at Burning Games have let us know what they'll be coming out with in 2017 and even given you readers a special New Year's treat: some TGN-exclusive artwork for Faith and Dragons Conquer America (and, as always, we're grateful for the opportunity to be the first to share these pictures with you!).

Exclusive Art:

Other Pieces from the Releases (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!) :

From the announcement:

Coming to Kickstarter this March, the new Core Book will a true revelation, pun intended, in the Faith RPG universe. It will greatly expand on the current lore of the game, delving deeper into the species of the game, their origin stories, economics, social groups etc.

It will come in the shape of a 300+ hardbound book, with tons of new illustrations, story hooks and new NPCs to create your own adventures.

Faith’s card based mechanics will make a foray into the fantasy genre in this bold setting.

Dragons Conquer America takes players back into the 16th Century, the Age of Discovery, right when Spanish explorers arrived at the lands that would later be known as America.

The titular dragons make an appearance in the game, along with other mythological creatures of both sides of the Atlantic.

Corball is a high octane, dangerous sport that is played by the Corvo, one of the main species of Faith. This game takes the “flyers”, the players of the game, orbiting around satellites in a fight for the control of the ball.

Corball will feature miniatures to represent the teams, and will be played on a board that will change every turn to reflect the progress of the match. Look out for asteroids!

We’ve been working on this one for a long time, making sure it’s the game we exactly want it to be. Seeing the reactions of our playtesters, we have the feeling that that day is approaching quickly.

And again, our thanks to the Burning Games crew for the exclusive artwork preview!