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Burn In Designs new themed Dice Towers

Burn In Design is starting up a new set of themed dice towers. Here's their first one. Guess Who it's based on.

From the announcement:Who says a dice tower can't be fun. This is the first in a series of themed dice towers. The tower is 6 inches tall and will work with most standard sized dice. It is fully engraved and includes a removable dice tray to help corral the dice as they come out of the chute.

The theme on this one should be pretty familiar to most people. The Tardis. The engraving is carried to all 4 sides of the unit and carried over onto the dice cup. The unit will come pre-drilled for magnets for easy attachment of the dice tray. The kit is available in wood as shown or assembled acrylic in your choice of clear, blue or red.