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Burn In Designs launches a new Sci-Fi themed terrain set

Burn In Designs has a new line of Sci-Fi themed terrain available. Stop using your sister's old dollhouses and get yourself some real terrain.

From the release:

The Mews at Windsor Heights is a fictional burbclave in the book Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, The concept is simple build each settlement exactly the same no matter what. They are the model of efficiency. Doesn't matter if they have to move a mountain or river to place a building you do rather than change the plan. Well this version is not as aggressive but still fitting of the theme.

The kits are designed to create a small apartment complex. This is perfect for a high tech world in 40k like a Tau planet or for an Infinity table. The complex is made of modular apartments that can be stacked independently or collected in the stacking tower.