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Burke's Gambit Now Available From WizKids

Exploring deep space isn't easy. You've got solar flares, black holes, meteor storms, and space parasites. It's that last one that's the one you've gotta deal with in Burke's Gambit, the new bluffing game from WizKids, available now.

Players will take on the role of different crew members aboard Burke's Gambit, a ship out in deep space headed back to Earth. There's the Captain, Comms Officer, and Marine, among others. One of you has a dangerous space parasite inside you. Nobody is entirely sure who... including the person who's infected! Gain all the information you can before the ship makes it home. Before you land, someone's going out that airlock. With any luck, it'll be the infected person. If not, the whole Earth is in trouble. Choose wisely.

You can get your copy now.