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Burger Up Now Available

Just yesterday I had a mighty fine hamburger for lunch. You know, the hamburger is so simple, but it's also very easy to make wrong. Or, at least, make an incredibly mediocre burger when it could've been really awesome. Turning the right ingredients into a fantastic burger is harder than it looks, but it's what you've gotta do in Burger Up, a new card game now available from Greenbrier Games.

Players take on the role of burger chefs, using the cards from their hand to create masterful burgers. The better the burger, the more points it's worth. But be careful, others can play nasty hairs on your burger, reducing its value. Then there's the cockroaches (and living in GA, I know a thing about roaches). Roaches are the worst. You'll really need to avoid them if you want to come out on top.

You can pick up your copy now, carry-out only.