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Burger Up Card Game Coming to Gen Con

There's nothing quite like a really good hamburger. It's one of my favorite meals, honestly. Now, when not stuffing my face with them, I can still enjoy a good burger by playing Burger Up, originally made by Rule & Make, but coming to the US via Greenbrier Games, with a release at Gen Con this week.

In the game, you play as the owner/chef of a burger joint. Your job is to create the greatest burgers that people have ever tasted using fresh, gourmet ingredients. As you build a customer base and make some money, you'll be able to buy upgrades for your restaurant and make even better burgers. Get the biggest place in town and rule as the Burger King/Queen!... err... but probably with better burgers than BK.

There will be a limited number of sets at Greenbrier Games' booth ( #2339), with a wider distribution coming in November.