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Bullets & Bandages available now. Medical rules, gear, and more

Shadowrun can be a dangerous game for your PCs. There's all manner of sci-fi and fantasy sharp pointy things and zappy bits. Catalyst Game Labs helps your players stay alive with Bullets & Bandages.

Bullets and Bandages


From the release:

We have a new electronic release for you today! Bullets & Bandages, the latest book in our Shadowrun Options line, is now out. Packed with fun info about medtech, high-threat response teams, and optional rules to use in you Shadowrun game, Bullets & Bandages gives you the chance to add more details to healing the bumps, bruises, and bullet wounds runners in the Sixth World often take. And it’s got information that will make it usable to both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition players and those using Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.