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Bug Hunt Corridors terrain project on Kickstarter

Bug Hunt Corridors is a new sci-fi terrain project up on Kickstarter.
Game over, man! Game over!

From the campaign:

Bug Hunt Corridors is a fully modular system of laser fabricated terrain for use with 28mm miniature wargames. Each individual corridor piece is a multipart model kit made from hobby grade plywood, cut and engraved to high detail by a CO2 laser. The modular design of Bug Hunt Corridors allows the gamer to make an endless variety of layouts because each section will match up exactly to any other section. With straight sections, intersections, and corners, (not to mention many exciting stretch goal additions) your corridor layout can be as compact or as sprawling as you wish.

Bug Hunt Corridors represent the winding passageways of any number of wargame settings. Perhaps you are gaming the interior of an alien ship, or a colony established on a far away planet. In the Victorian Era the corridors might be the interior of a giant zeppelin or the mountain lair of an evil mastermind. For the modern gamer, Bug Hunt Corridors easily stands in for any military instillation. And for the post-apocalyptic, the twists and turns of the corridors may hide a swarm of zombies around any corner.

For all of these gamers, it is my goal to provide high quality, interesting terrain that will greatly add to their game. Fight inside them, fight outside them. It is completely up to the player. Interact with the terrain exactly as you wish your troops to. Visually stunning, and highly flexible and playable, Bug Hunt Corridors will add just that much more to any miniatures wargame.