“Buffel” mine-protected vehicle available to pre-order from LaserCutCard

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Jul 31st, 2013
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LaserCutCard has another vehicle in their webshop available for pre-order. This one’s the Buffel (and flatbed Muffel) mine-protected vehicle.

From the announcement:

LaserCutCard has just released their first wheeled vehicle in two versions.

The Buffel is a mine-protected infantry mobility vehicle used by the South African Army during the South African Border War. It was based on a Mercedes unimog chassis and was produced in several variants. We have done two… the standard Buffel and the flatbed transport version referred to as a “Moffel”.

They are made from card, MDF and plastic tubing.

The kit can be combined with our orc glyph set to produce an orc truck very easily.

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  • Klingsor

    I always liked the look of those South African mine resistant vehicles. They look more SF than almost all SF vehicles, especially some wheeled APCs with a ground clearance of about two inches. The Ratel family is even nicer though.