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Buccaneer Card Game Kickstarter Relaunched

Not everything works out the first time you try it. But, as the old saying goes, you're supposed to try again. The folks behind the Buccaneer card game have taken that message to heart. They didn't succeed in their first attempt on Kickstarter. But they're not letting it get them down. They've reconfigured and relaunched and hope to have success this time around.

In the game, players are looking to create sets of cards worth 11 points. Some cards have various point totals on them, while others are action cards. The game rules are rather simple. On your turn, you either play a set of cards from your hand worth 11 points or you play an Action card. Action cards can do things like let you draw, or force opponents to discard, or make one of your loot piles worth twice as much (so now it counts as having 2), and so forth. The round ends when one player has 3 sets in front of them. The game ends when someone wins 3 rounds.

The gameplay and card art make it an ideal family game. Feel free to get it out when visiting the grandparents or young nieces and nephews.

This relaunched campaign is up and running now with still 28 days on the clock.