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Brushfire's Jacques of Martinique, exclusive AdeptiCon model

On the Lamb Games will have an exclusive Brushfire mini at Adepticon: Jacques of Martinique. Pre-register for the Con and get yourself one.

From the announcement:

Decked in the Crusader’s armor, Jacques of Martinique leads the forces of the Knights Bubonic into battle! As Grand Marshal of the Order, Jacques commands respect by mammals across the world of Brushfire, but sheer disdain and ire from the reptiles of Scyzantium. His gilded shield bears the angelic rat deity Tengri and the Mouse warrior rests assured that his faith will protect him.

Jacques is both an official Brushfire model, and the exclusive AdeptiCon Fantasy miniature. Available to the first 2000 preregistered attendees with an AdeptiCon 2013 Weekend Badge, this solo miniature works for any Brushfire faction and includes his stat card!