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Brushfire up on Kickstarter to help complete 2 factions

Brushfire, by On the Lamb Games, is fundraising up on Kickstarter in order to finish out their last 2 factions. Go have a look-see.

From the announcement:

We've just launched a Kickstater Campgain for Brushfire's Scyzantium faction. We've got a terrific sculptor (Jason Wiebe) lined up to bring the Veiled Assassins and Agamid Vizier to 'life' and we need your assistance to make it happen sooner rather then later. So we've set up a simple Kickstarter to cover getting these two models done, and when we hit the goal we'll keep doing stretch goals to add more and more models to the line. Like Chugoku's troops, Lu Pang, and Loxodon.

So if you want to see Scyzantium and Chugoku on the table before the year's out, hit up the kickstarter and spread the word!