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Brushfire Second Edition now available in Digest form

On the Lamb Games now has their Brushfire Second Edition available in Digest form (I.E. - Just the "crunch" and none of the "fluff"). Go order yours now.


From the release:

This Digest Edition gives you just the rules and unit information without any fluff or art, great for quick reference!
Animals go to war!

Brushfire is a skirmish war game in which animals fill the role of historical parodies. The Badgers of Aquitar, the Reptiles of Scyzantium, and the Dogs of Axony fight across the world in 19th Century warfare. This fast and easy war game plays great with between 10 and 50 models. Special rules for each soldier, heroes that level up, and a deep campaign system provide more content for players looking for a unique tabletop game.

This rule book includes all the rules and statistics that you need to play Brushfire:

Complete rules for a basic game
Squads can be broken up and reformed on the fly
Your Heroes and Generals level up and gain new abilities
3 Resource/Point Types, Upgrades do not reduce your model count
Take Siege Weapons or Fortifications to support your army
8 Factions to choose from