Brushfire only has a couple days left on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 1st, 2012

Brushfire has successfully made their lowest goal on Kickstarter, but if you want to start seeing some stretch goals, you gotta get out there and help! To entice you, here’s some artwork they’ve been working on.

From the update:

Brushfire’s “Scyzantium & Beyond” Kickstarter ends Thursday May 3rd at 6:50pm. We at On The Lamb Games would like to thank all of our supporters, every dollar helps us get more models out faster. We are really excited to have Jason Wiebe working on our reptiles, and finally getting the Chugoku faction out the door.

I’ve attached several concept art pieces for Chugoku’s Exemplars, which will be coming out after their Troops are released.

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  • About 38hrs to go, and we are only about $350 from our $4k stretch goal 😀

  • Darsc Zacal

    Only about $200 to go now. It’s going to be close.

    I hope OTLG reaches that stretch goal. I’d like to see those new troop types sculpted.

    • Thanks Darsc, we really appreciate every bit our backers have been able to pledge. We are only $133 from $4k, so really close! Noah will be working on the concept pieces for the troops next week (Finishing up EFT’s logo and a few projects for other folks first), so we should have art for them by the middle of the month and then sculpts will start up shortly after that. It will be great to finally have all eight factions from the rulebook playable, and allow us to just fill in gaps and add new content.

      We’ve also already started talking with the backers who pledged enough for the ‘Create a character’ reward. They’ve got some great ideas, and we’re looking forward to seeing them become art and then sculpts later this year.

  • $4k? Done!

    We are well on our way to $5k with 32hrs to go! At this rate we should be able to get Arctos Nevsky (A Bear) sculpted up soon.

  • swiftdraw

    These kickstarter funds are gonna to be the death of me X.X

    Ok, that might be overstating it a bit, but there are a lot of good/interesting projects out there. Anyhow, threw in a bit to help the cause. Good luck on getting to $5k.

    • Thanks! There have been a lot of great projects on Kickstarter lately, its great to see so many new ideas getting the funding they need.

      We’re only $500 away from $5k now!

  • 10hrs to go! We’re at $4,853 and we added a last minute high dollar reward: $2000 gets you 1 of every Book (Including the RPG Historia Rodentia), Blister, Squad Box, and Warband currently released for Brushfire AND all of our remaining 2012 releases. AND the last untouched out of print 1st Edition Badger-At-Claw (Leandro Ventic’s sculpt) remaining in the OTL Office.

    • And now with only about 5hrs to go we’ve passed $5k! Everyone who’s pledge includes Dice gets extra!