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Brushfire: Deportes-Pelota rules posted

On the Lamb Games gets into the sports game field with some free rules over on their website.

Sportsball Field


From the post:

In the vague spirit of the season of the World Cup, We wanted to do something special for Brushfire. A new game mode, designed loosely on the rule for Brushfire. These are rudimentary rules for playing the Civitan game of Deportes-Pelota (Sportsball). There is a lot of detail in this week's Post, along with a few images to help you design your own Deportes-Pelota arena. The units used in the game are intened to be generic 30/40/50mm models, allowing Brushfire players to use their already available models.

We had a lot of fun designing this and are curious to know if this is something you would like to see us expand, We've got a number of ideas and would love to hear your feedback!