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Brushfire Beginner Bundles available

On the Lamb Games is now offering several Brushfire Beginner Bundles for their Brushfire Historia Rodentia game. From their announcement:
In a few weeks it will be 1 year since the first printed edition of Brushfire =Historia Rodentia= was released, which we've recently sold out of. We've got a second printing on the way though. In addition we've gotten 4 factions with Warbands out, and 2 more coming soon. We figured that it was a good time to offer some 'Beginner Bundles', so avalible now and until the end of June are 6 bundles. One for each of the available factions:
  • Aquitar
  • Axony
  • Mare-Civitas
  • Ribenguo
  • The Vandalands
  • Zabar
Included in the bundle is a Warband for that faction, and a copy of Historia Rodentia 2nd Printing. But its not going to do you much good to just have the Warband and its included Quick Start rules, so we'll be sending you a copy of the Brushfire =Historia Rodentia= PDF as well to tide you over."