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Broken Ruler Games Moves to Fly Beneath Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Banner

Mystical Throne Entertainment has reached an agreement with Broken Ruler Games to take over publishing of their products, including the award-winning Killshot. This will allow Broken Ruler Games to focus more on development and less on the nuts and bolts of production and advertising.


From the announcement:

Broken Ruler Games, publisher of the ENnie Award winning Killshot, is moving from independent publisher to development house, handing over publishing and marketing to Mystical Throne Entertainment.

The Warden, president of Broken Ruler Games and designer of Killshot, recently announced a move from publishing to develop to better embrace the work he enjoys. After discussions with Mystical Throne Entertainment president, Aaron T. Huss, he has chosen to hand over all publishing and marketing of Killshot and future products to Mystical Throne Entertainment. This move allows The Warden to continue developing products without having to stop and focus on promoting those products.

Mystical Throne Entertainment will absorb all current and future Broken Ruler Games products into their catalog across all distributors, including a presence within the Game Publishers’ Guild. In the upcoming weeks, Broken Ruler Games products at DriveThruRPG / RPGNow and will be moved and will be added to the Mystical Throne Entertainment webstore beneath the “Optional System” header.

“This is a great opportunity to not only add a modern action and espionage RPG, with a new system to boot, to our catalog, but an ENnie Award winning developer as well,” stated Aaron T. Huss. “I look forward to what The Warden will be able to develop throughout 2015 and the plans he’s outlined for 2016.”

“Mystical Throne Entertainment has been a long-time supporter of my work and it is an absolute pleasure to work alongside Aaron and his team,” stated The Warden. “It allows me to continue doing what I love doing: designing tabletop games that stretch the boundaries of how we play. This partnership provides BRG with the flexibility to focus on creating new material and pushing the imagination further while simultaneously aligning the Broken Ruler Games' catalogue with an established and reliable publisher like MTE.”

The Warden, and by extension Broken Ruler Games, will continue in-house development following his own guidance and desires. This includes new books for Killshot, the development of a new espionage RPG, and his often-blogged about new system, ScreenPlay.

Watch for Killshot and more at Mystical Throne Entertainment.