Broken Egg Games, a New Gaming Company

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Nov 29th, 2011

Broken Egg Games a New Gaming Company:

From their announcement:

Broken Egg Games is an American based gaming company dedicated to producing high quality gaming materials. Our first product line is a high quality display board to be used with skirmish sized miniature war games. We call them, Egg Trays! We have different sized boards in different finishes. The boards have a felt lined area for gaming materials or to roll dice. Please check out our web site and facebook page.

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  • I picked up one of their trays after seeing them at Warmachine Weekend. Got an Extreme Mahogany set up for double battle Engines and 40mm troops. Showed up in about 10 days after ordering and looks great.

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    • Broken Egg Games

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      • I was checking out site and your products looks nice. What I’d like to see though are pictures with them filled with some figures. I guess I just a visual kind of person.

        • Broken Egg Games

          I can appreciate the need to see some miniatures on the boards. We have a facebook page and a photobucket page. We need to add some additional pictures with models on the boards. We will add more soon.