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Broken Contract Rulebook Up On Kickstarter

Ever since the dawn of work, there's been varying levels of tension between bosses and workers. When that tension boils over, things can get really nasty. That's just what's going on in Broken Contract, the miniatures adventure game set in a not-too-distant future. There's a Kickstarter campaign running for the game's rule book running now.

From the Kickstarter:

Broken Contract is a miniature adventure game of dramatic action in a dystopian future. When a crew of indentured miners contracted to an interplanetary mega corporation get pushed to the edge, they decide to lash out against the hired security forces that stand between them and freedom.

Broken Contract is designed for 2 or more players and the average game takes 60-90 minutes. Our goal for this Kickstarter is to raise the funds to release the 32 page softcover Broken Contract Rule Book, along with a bunch of new play aids like the Broken Contract Character Dashboard Set (6 dashboards), the Chit Set (of 30 counters), Critical Successes and Failures Dice Set (4 dice), a 32 card Ability Deck (with 26 new Abilities), a 32 card Equipment Deck (with several cards for new equipment) and a new deck of Blank Character Cards (16 blank Character Cards and 16 blank Character Stat Cards).

The project has made it over their funding goal. If you're interested, though, you've only got 6 more days to join in.