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Broken Circles: Elysium 3D Printed Wargame Available

Technology continues to move forward at a steady pace. I remember when I was a kid, we had a daisy wheel printer, along with a dot matrix. Then, later on, we got a laser printer, so you could actually print in different fonts (oh my!). Further later on, we had a color printer! Now, all of that is old hat. You can print things in 3D. And Broken Circles: Elysium is a whole game that you can print out.

From the website:

Elysium is the world’s first fully 3D printable tabletop wargame. By allowing anyone with access to a 3D printer to become a wargamer, Elysium will be the first step in ushering a new Golden Age for wargaming, and to build a grand new future for this century-old hobby we all know and love.

Elysium is the first installment of games set in the Broken Circle universe. It’s a science-fantasy wargame set on Elysium, a non-Euclidean pocket universe with no star nor planet, covered by fields of always summer and lands of everwinter nights. Follow the Custodians, travelers from another universe on their secret mission. Fight for an indigenous nation, human or otherwise. Or to take command of the Hordes of Light, dreaded and mysterious. As we advance in the storyline, one will not only discover a world of wonders filled with magic, but also explore deeper questions of humanity, the meaning of life, and our place in the Cosmos.