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Broken Axles Miniatures Game Available Now

Well, civilization has come to an end again. Damnit, Todd! Now we're going to have to use your cab service as vehicles of war to get across this nuclear desert while fighting off those that want to steal our resources. We'll need to probably add spikes and blades and such, along with stocking up on shotgun shells. At least, that's what you'll be doing in Broken Axels, the new post-apocalyptic vehicle combat game from Fuel Injection Games. It's available now.

From the announcement:

Broken Axles is a 15mm vehicle combat game that is fast and fun, where every dice roll has the potential to range from disaster to triumph. To move their vehicles, players will roll a number of Maneuver Dice, with each success converting into an action.

Rolling below the required result, however, causes a Mishap, which vary in intensity depending on the number of failures rolled. Will you play it safe and roll only one dice to shimmy into position? Or will you throw caution to the wind and roll all four dice provided by your growling V8 engine, and risk catching fire or blowing a gasket if you roll poorly? The same risk is attached to most dice rolls in the game.

Broken Axles is built on a rolling terrain system, where every vehicle on the table is assumed to be travelling at 40mph when stationary. As such, terrain often comes barreling through from one end of the table, and if you've positioned your vehicles poorly they may not have time to react, and as any seasoned road-veteran will tell you, driving into a rocky bluff is not considered a good idea.

The rules are available as a PDF, along with a supplement that details scenarios and warband composition. Broken Axles also features a range of vehicles, including starter warbands, transport vehicles and even a fearsome Battle Rig. Note that they are supplied unpainted and minimal assembly is required.