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Broken Arrow Games funds their D3 Kickstarter campaign

Broken Arrow Games has made it over their funding goal for their D3 Kickstarter campaign. There's still over two weeks left to get in on the action.


From the update:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all so much for helping us reach our goal in just 11 days. A frequent question was are you allowed to mix and match the dice in your order. The answer is yes you can mix fudge/d3s to fill your order so if you are in the early rollers tier you get 6 dice. That can be 6 of one kind or 4 fudge and 2 d3s or 3 of each kind. We will be emailing you to get your order preference at the end of the campaign. Also for the dragonscale bags at the end of the campaign we will send out emails to get your color choice and the title your want on your plaque. We have added stretch goals to get you more dice so we are hereby issuing a CALL TO ARMS and asking you to help us attract more backers. Help spread the word around the more backers we get the more dice we can send you. Lastly the stretch goals for non bulk also apply to the dice bag reward tiers so at $5000 they will come with 8 dice not 6. Thank you all so much lets see how much we can blow the goal out of the water.