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Britcon 2014 - Trader Lineup announced

Britcon has announced the traders that'll be at the show. Go see if your favorite ones will be there.



From the announcement:

The Britcon Trade Show will be returning to the now-familiar surroundings of the Barnes Wallis Building in Manchester (right next to Manchester Piccadilly Station) over the weekend of 9th-10th August 2014.

Reserve a ticket in advance and we will let you in for free – yes, that's right, no entry cost at all! We know there is a recession out there, so we want you to be able to spend all of your hard earned cash with our loyal traders.

Registering in advance means you will also receive up to date information on who will be there, what new products they will have on show, and whether they have any Britcon special offers – so not only do you not have to pay to get in, the stuff you buy may even be cheaper too!

Traders to date:
Ainsty Castings
Ancient & Modern/ Donnington
Colonel Bills (Depot Battalion, 4Ground, Heroes of the Dark Ages, Crann Tara and Flags of War)
Dave Thomas (Perry Miniatures, Crusader Miniatures, Artizan Designs, Northstar's '1644, Africa and IHMN ranges, Warfare Miniatures, Dead Mans Hand, Saga, Musket and Tommahawks, Great War Miniatures plus a near-full range of the latest plastic figures from Perry, Wargames Factory, Warlord Games, Victrix Games, Fireforge and Valiant)id Lanchester Books
Grim Tree Games (Sponsoring the Star Wars X-Wing Tournament, and stocking Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, AEG, GMT, Mantic, WizKids, Cryptozoic, Z-Man Games and many more)
Hokahey Wargaming
Instant Armies & Veteran Mins
Lance & Longbow Society
Lesleys BitsBox
Magister Militium
Specialist Games Collector
Warlord Games

In addition to these traders we will have a Bring and Buy, and a number of demo games… and a bar at "student" prices!

Britcon also features competitions in almost a dozen historical and non-historical periods including X-Wing, WH40k, FOW, FoGAM, FoGR, FoGN, Saga, Bolt Action & Epic Armageddon. For details on these events go to the BHGS website