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Brit-Cit Judges Come to Dredd from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing is adding Brit-Cit Judges to their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

From the update:

The Brit-Cit Judges, including a Detective Judge, are now available for mail order.

The Brit-Cit Justice Department, officially referred to as Her Majesty’s Justice Department (HMJD), maintains law and order in and around Brit-Cit. It is led by the Chief Judiciary and answerable to Parliament. The judges of Brit-Cit share much in common with their counterparts in Mega-City One, having similar uniforms and close diplomatic ties. However, the two have many differences in operational procedure and administration.

We have also brought back the Cadet Judge from our original Judge Dredd range, now known as Cadet Judge 2.