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Bring Your A-Game shares comprehensive convention list

Bring Your A-Game made up a comprehensive list of U.S. gaming conventions.

The staff of Bring Your A-Game has been hard at work for weeks compiling a comprehensive directory of game conventions across the United States. Today the web site, primarily dedicated to table top gaming, posted the list on its web site. Each of the shows featured on Bring Your A-Game’s convention page is a gaming convention, or at least has some gaming elements. For the most part the web site focused on table top gaming, though a few high profile general pop culture shows such as PAX Prime, E3 and ComicCon did make the cut.

The editor cautioned, however, the catalog is not perfect, and must be considered a work in progress. Many conventions that have wrapped up their 2012 shows only recently have yet to post the actual dates for their 2013 editions. Additionally, there are approximately 80 shows still slated for the final three months of this calendar year. In almost every instance, those 80 shows have not made their 2013 dates public.

Bring Your A-Game expects the convention listing to be a constantly evolving part of its overall web site. Shows will be added as dates are announced while others will be deleted after the conventions draw to a close. As of Tuesday, September 25, all of the links posted for the various shows were up to date, unless specifically noted in a show’s individual listing.

At the very bottom of the convention catalogue there is a link to the editor’s email address where readers are encouraged to submit corrections, changes and omissions.