Bring out your dead!

RSquared Studios is having a contest where they want to see your zombie horde. So get to shamblin’.



From the announcement:

People who collect and paint zombie miniatures tend to be a bit obsessive. We want great survivor figures but we especially want lots and LOTS of zombies! To celebrate this, RSquared Studios is having a Zombie Horde Contest. We want to see the best painted and the overall largest hordes of zombie miniatures. Whether you call it a horde, a swarm, or a shamble we want to see your zombies!

Prizes will be zombies from Zombie Plague Miniatures.
First Prize: 3x Joe Zombie, 3x Rose Frum, 1 Dirt Nap, 1 Tubby, 1 Dead Sexy.
Second Prize: 3x Joe Zombie, 1 Dirt Nap, 1 Tubby
Third Prize: 3x Joe Zombie