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Bring Out the Big Guns: A Review of the Valkir Support Weapons Unit

Bring Out the Big Guns: A Review of the Valkir Support Weapons Unit

I’ve always been a fan of “heavy weapons units.” The Lootas for my Orks would always have lascannons and plasmacannons and all that sort of stuff. Obviously, my Dark Angels would have Devastator squads all armed up with the big guns. Well, DreamForge has their own heavy weapons unit for the Valkir.

They sent me a box and I’ve put them together and am here now to tell you about it.

So grab an extra belt of ammo, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s the Valkir Support Weapon Squad from DreamForge Games.

The box comes with five figures, each armed with a different heavy weapon. You get one of each type of weapon, so I guess if you’d want multiple of any particular one, you’d have to order them separately or buy multiple boxes of figures. The kit has just a couple sprues, but they’re rather packed with pieces.

The instructions are nice and easy to read, as I’ve come to expect from DreamForge products. They show the way the different weapons guys go together and suggest a specific set of legs to go with each weapon type. You see, there are a couple different leg types and each one could go with more than one heavy weapon. I started with the legs, putting them all together, but making sure to separate them out so I’d know which was which when it came time to put the torsos on.

You can see the different pieces used to assemble the different guys there. Unfortunately, the photos for the pieces to assemble the “anti-aircraft” guy didn’t turn out. But each torso + weapons comes out to about 12 pieces each. Thankfully, even with so many pieces, they go together really well (again, like I’ve come to expect from DreamForge kits). There isn’t really a lot of “play” in how you pose the guys. The reason only certain legs will go with certain weapons is due to how the model is holding it. And since the weapons are often attached to the backpack via a hose or cable, the arms tend to be “locked” in one position on the body. This isn’t really a problem with a single unit, but it could make multiple units look identical, with some extra cutting and modding required if you want to make each one stand out from the others.

That being said, that’s really just a small criticism of this kit. I’ve always liked the look of the models. The torsos and particularly the helmets remind me of the villains from FFXII. I always thought those were really groovy-looking. Cool, and a bit menacing. As I mentioned, the models go together really easily with little or no gaps to have to fill in later. I love the look of all the different weapons and the suitably “heavy” look of the unit as a whole.

The Eisenkern Valkir Support Troops Unit Box is available in the Dreamforge-Games webshop now.