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Brigade Models to sell Strike Legion

Brigade Models is now the exclusive UK retailer and distributor for print versions of the Strike Legion sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Some interesting news for 6mm SF gamers. In our quest to offer as much variety in rules as possible, we've just become the exclusive UK retailer and distributor for printed copies of the Strike Legion rulebooks. We'll be setting up some dedicated SL pages on our website in the near future to host army lists for our models, and we should have our initial stock of the books within a couple of weeks. I'll be adding them to the website as soon as they arrive, and visitors to the Broadside show in Sittingbourne (June 12th) will be able to get a copy from us there. We'll be stocking the first three available books (the main rulebook, the Genome Gambit module and Clockwork Armies module) immediately, and any new modules as they arrive. The last will be of interest to VSF gamers, as the module covers a similar theme to Land Ironclads and features models from our ranges. I haven't worked out the exact pricing but it's likely to be in the region of £20 for the rulebook, £12-13 for the modules. For more information on the rules you can visit Legionnaire Games website. If any other UK retailers are interested in stocking the books, please contact us for details.