Brigade Models release Wrath of the Syren Scenario Pack

Brigade Models have released the Aeronef Wrath of the Syren Scenario Pack.

From their website:

This pack provides models to play the mini-campaign in Wessex Games’ Aeronef Over Carpathia supplement (provided in the pack on CD), including the Austrian battlecruiser Syren and a variety of Ottoman Turks as opposition. £4 from every sale of this pack will be donated to the Doctors Without Borders – Haiti Earthquake Response charity. Note – this a scenario pack, you will need a copy of the Aeronef rules to be able to play it.

Contents :

  • Aeronef Over The Aegean (Wrath of the Syren) supplied as PDF on CD
  • 1 x Budapest class Light Battleship
  • 2 x Muin-I-Zaffer class Dig Cruiser
  • 2 x Assari Shevket class Dig Destroyer
  • 4 x Yarhisar class Fast Torpedo Dig
  • 2 x Keyk class Patrol Dig
  • 1 x Turgut Reis class Cruiser
  • 2 x Kindjal class Fighter
  • 4 x War Balloon
  • 18 x Clear plastic flying stand
  • 4 x Fighter Stand