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Brigade Models Posts New 6mm Releases

Brigade Models Posts New 6mm Releases:

From their announcement:

Our 6mm desert town has grown today, with the addition of two new buildings. We have more releases planned before the end of the year.

B300-105 Flat-roofed building with tower - £2.50

B300-106 Large civil building - £6.00

In addition, Squadron Commander players get the benefit of two new fighter craft, the CDSU Zhengsheng attack fighter and the EuroFed Meteore attack fighter. Both would also make ideal ground support craft for Future War Commander or Strike Legion games.

SCR-403 Meteore Attack Fighter - £2.50
SCR-503 Zhengsheng Attack Fighter - £3.00

SCP-403 Meteore flight (4 models w/bases) - £9.00
SCP-503 Zhengsheng flight (4 models w/bases) - £11.00